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Jingxia village

Updated : 2022-04-21


The red train in the village is a popular place for people to take pictures. [Photo by He Zi'an]

Jingxia village in Guangzhou's Huangpu district has transformed from a remote village into a renowned one through years of renovation and the village has been reputed as one of the Guangzhou Beautiful Villages.

Over 1,000 mu (67 hectares) of land in Jingxia village has been used to build digital rice paddy fields and establish distinctive high-tech industries as well as rural tourism, providing locals with a steady source of income. 

Jingxia village received over 100,000 visitors in 2021, making it a popular tourist destination. Not only may visitors snap pictures with the red trains, but they can also ride horses. Furthermore, picking up fresh fruits and veggies while getting a close look at nature is a terrific choice.

The Jingxia Farmers' Center was built from the structure of an ancient house that had been neglected for many years. Local farmers are able to sell their products here without paying any fees, and tourists can drink fresh fruit juice in the middle of the house.

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