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Huangpu promotes local black tea brand during rural vitalization

Updated : 2022-04-18


Women pick fresh tea leaves at Lingtouhong Black Tea Creative Park. [Photo by Li Jianfeng]

The spring tea harvest season has arrived with the warm spring season approaching and farmers have been busy picking fresh tea leaves at Lingtouhong Black Tea Creative Park, local media outlets reported on April 14.

The Lingtouhong Black Tea Creative Park, which opened on June 29, 2021, is divided into three main areas: the cultural creative industry, ecology, and tea leaf picking. It was constructed on the foundation of a 1,000 mu (67 hectare) existing tea garden that had undergone improvements such as landscape alteration and weed removal.

The park will give full play to its ecological tourism resources and is expected to receive 73,000 to 150,000 visitors annually. 


A box of delicately packed Lingtouhong black tea. [Photo by Li Jianfeng]

The park's operator, Chen Zhaowen, stated that the park is a major project for Huangpu's rural vitalization and that it will be able to service the demands of 90 to 150 tea leaf processing companies with annual output values of over 50 million yuan ($8 million) each. 

The park is expected to employ 3,000 people and boost local farmers' annual income by 70,000 yuan per person once it is operational. 

An expert team led by Liu Zhonghua, a Chinese Academy of Sciences academician, has landed in Huangpu to assist in the production of higher-quality Lingtouhong black tea.

To improve tea leaf processing techniques, advanced equipment has been used to substitute manual labor. Liu's team has also created tea leaf tree cultivation, tea leaf processing, and new product research facilities, amassing 65 remarkable tea leave tree resources. 

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