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Dragon boat-featured library opens in Xiasha community

Updated : 2022-03-16

The Xiasha branch of Huangpu Library has officially opened for operation, local media outlets reported on March 15.

The library has a total book collection of 12,000 and offers more than 130 reading seats in areas such as the parent-child, comprehensive and communication reading areas. 

Branches of the Huangpu Library have been casting eyes on creating distinctive cultural venues with local cultural elements in recent years and the overall design of the Xiasha branch features traditional dragon boat culture.

The library's atrium is a wooden house in the shape of a dragon skeleton, and the reading counters have a dragon head motif. There is also a separate place for demonstrating the manufacturing talent of a dragon boat's head and tail. In 2019, Huangpu's fourth batch of intangible cultural heritages included the skill.

Non-scheduled public reading events will be held in the library and lessons on traditional culture will also be opened, according to a staff member of the library. 


 An interior view of the Xiasha branch at Huangpu Library. 

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