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4 Huangpu schools noted for their football promotion

Updated : 2022-02-21

GETDD Middle School, Huangchuan Primary School, Xiangxue Primary School, and Wenchong Primary School in Guangzhou's Huangpu district were recognized by the Ministry of Education as national characteristic schools for teenage football.

The GETDD Middle School was founded in 1988 among the first group of provincial first-grade schools. It has been active for years promoting football through various forms of campus broadcasting, wall newspapers, cultural corridors, and thematic class meetings.

In addition, the school assembled boys' and girls' football clubs, each of which is composed of no less than 20 members with two lessons every week. Xu Qiaoqin, former member of the national women's football team, is a PE teacher at the school and has led it to partake in several football competitions.

Also a first-grade school of Guangdong province, the Wenchong Primary School established a women's football team in 2009 and built a five-a-side football pitch in 2021 to promote sports on campus. The school has cultivated many promising football players, including Chen Weiming, a member of the national youth team, and Sun Yuanzhu, a key player at Guangdong women's football team.

Xiangxue and Huangchuan primary schools have also been committed to football promotion through a bevy of activities, carnivals, and matches. 


Students play football at Xiangxue Primary School.

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