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People's Daily: Huangpu strengthens government plan, budget review

Updated : 2022-01-13

The Huangpu district people's congress has seen major improvements in the review of the government's draft budget and plans for national economic and social development since 2017 to take practical measures in the interest of local residents.

A meeting was held on Jan 11 for the preliminary review of Huangpu district people's government and the Guangzhou Development District Administrative Committee's draft budget and plan for national economic and social development in 2022. In addition to a main venue at the standing committee of the Huangpu district people's congress, there were six sub-venues in towns and sub-districts.


Huangpu's supervision system for the government budget.

The deputies to the Huangpu district people's congress reviewed the draft budget and plan after an overall interpretation. Officials of the Huangpu development and reform bureau and the Huangpu bureau of finance were dispatched to the seven venues to listen to suggestions and answer questions.  

The annual Huangpu district people's congress usually features a compact schedule. In the past, some of the deputies didn't have enough time or could not fully understand the draft budget and plan.

The interpretation and preliminary review of the draft budget and plan have ensured that deputies understand the content, can participate in and supervise the process, and can express their opinions. 

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