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Huangpu off to a promising start

Updated : 2022-01-12

Guangzhou's Huangpu district got off to a good start in 2022 with a succession of industrial and livelihood projects making construction progress.

The southern headquarters of Sirnaomics began operating on Guangzhou International Bio Island on Jan 8 for the R&D, pilot scale testing and biological information analysis of innovative medicines.

Sirnaomics is an international biopharmaceutical enterprise committed to the R&D and industrialization of innovative medicines for tumors, viral infections, fibrosis and metabolic diseases. It plays a significant role in both the Chinese and US markets.

The scientific research platform of the Guangzhou First People's Hospital began furnishing on Guangzhou International Bio Island on Jan 5 and will begin operating in May.

The 3,100-square-meter platform is able to accommodate 200 people and will be open for round-the-clock reservations. It will gather global talent to conduct pioneering research in the biomedicine and health sectors.

Moreover, construction on line 2 of the Huangpu tram has also made significant progress. It will run through Guangzhou Science City, the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Science and Technology Cooperation Park and the Guangzhou-Hong Kong Smart Manufacturing Cooperation Zone's Nan'gang area.


The construction site of Huangpu tram line 2.

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