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National overseas talent base to be established in GDD

Updated : 2021-11-25

The General Office of China Association for Science and Technology has recently approved the establishment of a national offshore innovation and entrepreneurship base for overseas talents in Guangzhou Development District (GDD).

The establishment of the base will be led by the government and involve developmental forces from State-owned enterprises, social organizations, professional service agencies, offshore innovation centers, and offshore cooperation bases.

The district will optimize the current talent policies and roll out new policies that are dedicated to supporting the offshore innovation and entrepreneurship of overseas talents.

Meanwhile, it will enhance the connection with overseas talents, enterprises and capital by relying on the overseas resources from the China Association for Science and Technology, the Western Returned Scholars Association (Overseas-educated Scholars Association of China) and the Guangdong Overseas Talent Work Alliance.

As of now, GDD has attracted 105 academicians and 1,166 high-level talents. The number of local entrepreneurial teams accounts for 60 percent of Guangzhou's total, and that of leading innovation talents accounts for 50 percent.


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