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Nangang fish pot

Updated : 2021-11-23

Autumn and winter are the best times to eat mud carp. Guangzhou residents make different kinds of dishes out of the fish such as fish-stuffed buns, fish balls and fish noodles, which can all be cooked in a simmering pot of soup.

Situated at the estuary of the Pearl River and the Dongjiang River, Nangang is at an intersection of salt and fresh water, which makes the fish in the area plump and meaty. The freshest catches are directly delivered to nearby restaurants daily.


Nangang fish pot is a seasonal treasure in autumn and winter.

Nangang fish pot soup doesn't require much seasoning or extra ingredients other than water, ginger slices and wax gourds that preserve the original taste of the mud carp. The fish will be thoroughly cooked after being simmered in a pot for three minutes. Dipping sauce is added with pepper and ginger to get rid of any fishy smell.

People interested in sampling the authentic flavor can visit the Nangang Fish Pot Store on No 16 Funan Road in Nangang sub-district, Huangpu district. The service hours are from 11 am to 2 pm and 5 pm to 9 pm.

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