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Huangpu facilitates food, medicine administrative approval

Updated : 2021-11-19

Guangzhou's Huangpu district has innovatively provided pre-examination and video verification services to streamline the administrative approval procedures for food, medicine and medical equipment. 

Administrative approval is the first line of defense in food and medicine safety. Many enterprises were subject to rectifications time after time due to the strict standards.

The Huangpu market supervision bureau thus established a professional team for early intervention and free guidance for site selection and layout, equipment, and staff to help enterprises pass the examination with proper standards.

Biostime (Guangzhou) Health Products benefited from the recent verification procedures, which helped the company start operations at least two months in advance, cut their packaging costs by around 14.67 million yuan ($2.3 million), and generated an economic return of 88 million yuan.

Moreover, Huangpu also allows applicants to capture and upload videos of their business operations for remote examination. This not only helps avoid the infection risks caused by mass gatherings during the pandemic, but also significantly reduces the time compared with on-site inspection. 

The pre-examination and video verification services will be extended to more administrative examination and approval affairs, according to an official from the Huangpu market supervision bureau.


A staff member at the Huangpu market supervision bureau examines an enterprise's food processing, cleaning and disinfection areas via video.

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