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Galsang flowers in full bloom at Chuangxin Park

Updated : 2021-11-17

Chuangxin Park in Guangzhou's Huangpu district is currently hosting a display of galsang flowers in full bloom, and is attracting a great number of visitors and eager shutterbugs.

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Galsang flowers fully bloom in Chuangxin Park.

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A bee sucks some sugary nectar from a galsang flower to store in her special honey stomach at Chuangxin Park.

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A closer look at a galsang flower's golden pistil centered in its mesmerizing lavender-colored pedals.

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A family enjoys some blissful moments in a field of galsang flowers at Chuangxin Park.

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Many people camp near the field of galsang flowers at Chuangxin Park.

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People can't help but become shutterbugs in a sea of so many colorful flowers.  

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