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Guangzhou draws road map for Huangpu industrial development

Updated : 2021-09-23

The recently released Industrial Map of Guangzhou lists 564 industrial land lots for development over the next three to five years, of which 54 are in Huangpu district.

The total area of the 54 industrial land lots spans 331.43 hectares, accounting for 3.7 percent of Guangzhou's total. The average size of the 54 land lots is 6.14 hectares.

There are six land lots totaling 16.6 hectares in the Guangzhou's artificial intelligence and digital economy pilot zone (Yuzhu area). They will focus on developing business services and new-generation information technology.

The China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City has 25 industrial land lots with a total area of 117.8 hectares that commit to the development of new energy, new materials, big data and integrated circuits.


Guangzhou Science City.

There are eight industrial land lots totaling 96.9 hectares in Guangzhou Science City and the Changlingju area. They will focus on the development of business services.

The Guangzhou-Hong Kong Smart Manufacturing Cooperation Zone has seven industrial land lots that feature a total area of 65.6 hectares and focus on smart manufacturing and medical treatment.

Sorted by sectors, there are five land lots centered on advanced manufacturing, 24 modern service lots and 25 strategic emerging industries lots.

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