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Yangcheng Evening Post: GDD embraces 26 extra 'little giant' enterprises

Updated : 2021-08-25

Twenty-six enterprises from Guangzhou Development District (GDD) were selected into the third batch of "little giant" enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The number ranks first among Guangzhou districts.

"Little giant" enterprises refer to those small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that own core technologies, strong innovation capabilities, large market shares, and high profitability. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has approved them to promote the specialized, elaborative, characteristic, and innovative development.

Goolton Technology, for instance, is a leading augmented reality company which owns China's most advanced high-precision nano-level holographic optical laboratory and a professional R&D team. It has pioneered the mass production of smart AR glasses based on optical waveguide technology.

Broadradio Communication Technology is devoted to the R&D, production and sales of high-capacity base station antennas and associated RF equipment. It has broken through the technology monopoly of multinational companies in multibeam and other core areas with independent intellectual property rights. The enterprise's market share has ranked among the top three in Guangdong province over the past three years.

GDD is a major engine in Guangzhou for scientific and technological innovation and has attached great importance to the development of SMEs. As of now, it is now home to 100 specialized, elaborative, characteristic, and innovative enterprises, of which 32 are at a national level.

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