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Water Drop Garden

Updated : 2021-08-18

The newly built Shuidi Garden, or Water Drop Garden, is an ideal place to enjoy the beauty of nature and relive childhood memories of playing on paddle wheels.

Located in the southwest area of Guangzhou International Bio Island, the garden covers an area of 12,659 square meters and features three round pools with crystal clear water. It is divided into seven parts to display the charm of water in different forms to help visitors better understand the aquatic culture.

Under the Water Drop Garden is the first fully underground water reclamation plant in China. With an area of 10,000 sqm, it is responsible for turning all the sewage on the island into clean water. The treated water is then used to water the plants and clean the roads on the island.

Visitors can also enter the Huangpu Water System Exhibition Hall to watch water treatment documentaries on a television screen, learn about wastewater treatment facilities in Huangpu on a table made of sand, and witness the changes in Huangpu's rivers on an interactive screen.


An informative display at the Water Drop Garden shows the water treatment accomplishments in Huangpu. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhpfb]

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