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Guangzhou's COVID-19 Update

Source: GZFAO | Updated : 2021-08-16

Test results from 11 streets in three districts all came back negative.

Tianhe district reported that an international inbound traveler has tested positive for COVID-19. The patient was in his fourth day of home-quarantining and health monitoring after being released from a centralized quarantine facility. 

Top government officials at the provincial and municipal level coordinated efforts to immediately launch an emergency plan that includes epidemiological investigations, contact tracing, testing, control and management of key sites, and disinfection. We hereby notify the details of the case of the infected person as follows:

The update regarding the case is as follows:

First, the patient has been transferred from a centralized quarantine facility and treatment.

The patient is a 24-year-old male, who studies overseas and lives on Linhe street in Tianhe district, Guangzhou. On July 24, he took a flight from the United Kingdom and entered China at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, and was transferred to a designated hotel for quarantine and observation for 14 days. 

During the period, there was no abnormality in his tests and health monitoring. After being released from the centralized quarantine on August 7, he was transferred back to his home on Linhe street in Tianhe district for another seven days of at-home health monitoring. His test result was negative on Aug 8, but on the evening of Aug 11, he developed fever symptoms and a second test showed positive results. After a second test on Aug 12, he was transferred to the No 8 Guangzhou Medical University Hospital for further quarantining and treatment. He was diagnosed as an imported case and is currently in stable condition.

Second, close and second degree contacts are under centralized health management.

According to epidemiological investigations, 107 close contacts and 176 secondary close contacts have been initially screened. All of their PCR results are negative, and they are all in a centralized quarantine facility.

Third, the key areas are under control.

We have identified seven places that are either residences or the venues the patient had been to. All of them are under lockdown and have been thoroughly disinfected. As of 22:00 on Aug 12, a total of 47 samples were taken from the environment of key places, including 10 samples from the patient's home, and the results were all negative.

Fourth, PCR testing has been expanded.

More PCR tests are being carried out in 11 streets in three districts: Linhe street and Shipai street in Tianhe district, Hongqiao street, Beijing street, Liurong street, Liuhua street, Dongshan street, Nonglin street, Baiyun street, Kuangquan street in Yuexiu district, and Tonghe street in Baiyun district. As of Aug 13, 389,511 people have been tested and all the results are negative.

Fifth, the policy for international inbound travelers has been modified.

All international inbound travelers are required to a seven-day home quarantine instead of the original seven-day health monitoring after they finish their centralized hotel quarantine. The new policy will take effect immediately. Travelers must self-isolate during the seven-day period.

Sixth, the vaccination inoculation campaign has been launched.

Vaccination is the most economical and effective way to fight the epidemic. We ask our citizens who meet the requirements to get vaccinated as soon as possible so that we can build a collective immune barrier.

As of Aug 12, a total of 30.01 million doses of the vaccine have been administered to 17.03 million people and 13.2 million people have completed their vaccination series, which amounts to a coverage rate of 70.7 percent. According to the provincial vaccine distribution plan, Guangzhou residents can make appointments for the inoculation of CHO cells vaccination in all districts, which is commonly referred to as a three-dose vaccine. Both the CHO and Vero vaccine have an effective immunogenicity and are safe. People aged 18 and over who have not been vaccinated are sure to receive the vaccine.

At the moment, there are 371 COVID-19 vaccination sites in the city. You can get a vaccination through your company or schools, make appointments through Guangzhou Jiankangtong or go directly to the community health service center for vaccination.

At present, there are multiple COVID-19 outbreaks in the country, and summer travel peaks could exacerbate the risk of spreading the virus. In addition, the pandemic continues to spread worldwide, increasing the pressure of our city to prevent inbound cases. If we relax our efforts, the COVID-19 situation may get out of control. We must stay fully alert.

A kind reminder: please continue to strengthen personal protection awareness, follow good practices such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, keeping closed areas ventilated, using public chopsticks, reducing gatherings, continue self-health monitoring. When symptoms of discomfort occur, you should avoid taking public transportation, and immediately go to the nearest health facility with a fever clinic (treatment rooms), truthfully reveal your epidemiological history, and get tested.

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