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Huangpu inoculates teenagers with COVID-19 vaccinations

Updated : 2021-08-06


A student from Guangzhou No 86 Middle School in Huangpu district gets a COVID-19 vaccine. [Photo/ycwb.com]

Guangzhou has recently started its citywide campaign of mass inoculation for people aged between 12 and 17 years old and now minors in Huangpu can go to designated sites for vaccination shots.

As of Aug 3, about 420,000 minors in Guangzhou received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Students in Huangpu can be vaccinated at school and other designated sites. For those who have missed vaccinations organized by their schools or minors not enrolled in school, they can visit nearby designated sites to get vaccinated accompanied by guardians.

Guardians of minors should read and sign the consent form, and provide ID card, household registration form (or birth certificate), vaccination certificate as well as scan the "Yue Miao" (粤苗) QR code when registering at designated testing sites.

Guardians should be honest with the doctors about the health conditions of minors, and disclose if they are allergic to any ingredients contained in the vaccine.

The vaccination shouldn't be done on an empty stomach. Remember to eat something before vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccinations as well as other vaccinations should be administered at least two weeks apart. If minors need to get tetanus or rabies vaccines during this period, they should take COVID-19 vaccines later.

There are three sites which provide vaccinations for minors aged between 12 and 17 years old in Huangpu district:

Jiufo vaccination site, Health Center of Jiulong Town (Knowledge City Square)

Vaccination time: Starts on Aug 6

Address: No 12 Fengtongzhi Street, Huangpu district

Guangzhou Dongsheng Hospital

Address: No 3016 Kaichuang Avenue, Huangpu district

Huangpu Sports Stadium (students only)

Vaccination time: Starts on Aug 6

Address: No 398, North Fengle Road, Huangpu district

Please check the storage of the vaccines for minors at each vaccination site through the "gzhpfb" WeChat account or the "到黄埔去" app before heading to the sites.

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