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Huangpu offers cross-border business registration services for Israeli companies

Source: hp.gov.cn | Updated : 2021-08-05

Huangpu district in Guangzhou has extended its cross-border business registration services to Israel, providing one-stop services for Israeli investors to register businesses, transfer certificates and licenses, and open bank accounts.

The Huangpu district market supervision management bureau signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the GLK Investment and Management Company Ltd and China Merchants Bank Guangzhou Branch on July 28 to ensure convenient cross-border business services.

Under this new policy, if Israeli investors intend to set up a business in Huangpu, they only need to submit the relevant application materials to the Israeli branches of GLK Investment and Management Company Ltd for processing, and then their materials will be transferred and submitted to authorities in Huangpu.

The Huangpu district market supervision management bureau and other government departments have opened a green channel to provide efficient approval services. Business licenses, company seals, and taxation services will be completed within half a business day after receiving the applications.

The entire process for Israeli companies' application submissions, cross-border transfer of materials, business license approvals and opening a bank accounts, can be completed in less than nine days, according to authorities.


Officials attend the signing ceremony of the Sino-Israel cross-border business registration cooperation on July 28. [Photo/Southern Metropolis Daily]

Huangpu has been improving its services in cross-border business registration. While introducing leading industries, advanced technologies, talents and management concepts from Israel and other foreign countries, it seeks to make use of its cooperative partners' resources overseas to provide companies in Huangpu with policy introduction, product certification standards, local needs, and more possibilities to conduct business globally.

The cross-border service platform is expected to play an important role in enhancing the attractiveness of the business environment in Huangpu and boost China-Israel cooperation in deepening industrial synergy, technological innovation, talent exchange, and investment promotion.

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