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Mordin Hotel

Updated : 2021-07-27

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Mordin Hotel is the first five-star hotel in China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City.

Mordin Hotel is the first five-star in China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City and provides various services, such as accommodations, catering, conference facilities, leisure and entertainment.

The 19-storey hotel features a total floor area of 42,000 square meters, of which 37,000 sq m is above ground and 5,000 sq m is underground. It offers 311 guestrooms and 246 tenements.

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A Mordin Hotel guestroom.

Visitors can choose between Western or Chinese restaurants as well as have a drink at the lobby bar. A swimming pool and fitness room are also available for guests to utilize.

In addition, the hotel is equipped with a banquet hall and conference rooms to host all kinds of business activities and conferences.

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