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Nanfang Plus: Huangpu establishes food production solutions

Updated : 2021-07-22

Traditionally, food enterprises must obtain a food production license from an already established category that falls in line with applicable review regulations before entering the market. But what if a new product is invented, and there are no review regulations for such things yet?

To solve this issue, the Huangpu market supervision bureau has taken the lead in the city to establish a new type of food catalog consisting of an expert team to help enterprises obtain a food production license. In the past, obtaining a food production license for new products was a costly and lengthy process.

That's why experts have stepped in to stipulate customized review regulations to ensure that enterprises obtain production licenses for their new types of products in a timely manner and get a head start in the market.

This year, seven new products and business formats from five enterprises have benefitted from the policy. They are expected to create an annual output value of around 200 million yuan ($31 million).


A representative from a Huangpu enterprise receives a food production license for a new product.

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