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Shenzhen Stock Exchange launches service base in GDD

Updated : 2021-07-19

Shenzhen Stock Exchange launched the Guangzhou Service Base in Guangzhou Development District on July 16.

The service base will not only provide pre-listing cultivation and post-listing service to local enterprises, but also conduct joint research, and host official exchange activities and educational exhibitions with GDD.

Zhang Hui, deputy director of the GDD Administrative Committee, said that the establishment of the Guangzhou Service Base will help local enterprises seize the opportunity brought by capital market reform, and increase investment and financial matchmaking efficiency.

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The Shenzhen Stock Exchange's Guangzhou Service Base receives an honorary plaque in GDD on July 16.

Li Hui, deputy general manager of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, noted that the cooperation between GDD and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has entered a new phase through the joint construction of the Guangzhou Service Base.

The base will assist with the listing of local enterprises, and help boost the high-quality development of already listed enterprises. In addition, it will contribute to the socioeconomic development of GDD by utilizing corporate bonds, asset-backed securities, real estate investment trusts and regional government bonds, Li added.

As of now, GDD is home to 64 listed enterprises, and two additional enterprises have recently planned to go public. The number of listed enterprises ranked first in Guangzhou.

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