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Huangpu launches one-stop platform for utilities installations

Updated : 2021-07-14

Guangzhou's Huangpu district launched a one-stop service platform on July 8 for enterprises to apply for electricity, water, gas, heat and internet installations.

Electricity, water, gas, heat and internet installations are significant indexes for the World Bank to assess business environments and are a essential link during the enterprise construction process before they begin operations.

Previously, enterprises in Huangpu had to run about to apply for installations from different authorities. The redundant process could directly affect their construction progress and operating efficiency, according to Liao Jing, deputy director of the Guangzhou Development District business environment reform bureau.


The Huangpu Government Service Hall opens up one-stop service windows for enterprises seeking electricity, water, gas, heat and internet installations.

With the launch of the platform, the local private economy and enterprise service bureau will help fill in the application information and the enterprises only need to confirm it via a link sent to their cellphone before the information is transmitted in real time to relevant public service enterprises.

The government will coordinate the entire process from the application to the follow-up on-spot survey, administrative examination and approval, construction and inspection acceptance. Enterprises can check the progress directly on the service platform.

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