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Updated : 2021-06-28

Lychee has been being planted in Guangzhou's Huangpu district for more than 1,000 years. The district is now home to about 20,000 mu of lychee trees, nearly half of which are more than 100 years old. Want to sample the freshest lychee? Here are some recommended sites where you can buy lychees or pick them yourself.

Dashaji Island

Dashaji island is home to many ancient lychee trees. Visitors can sign up for fruit picking at Huangpu Culture Group at a cost of 20 yuan ($3). All the lychee trees can be picked except for a few which are privately owned by villagers.

Transport: Take Metro Line 13 to Shuanggang Station, walk 10 minutes to Wuyong Terminal and take the ferry to the island.

Tel for sign-up:13888683143


Huangpu is a major lychee production base in Guangdong.

Southern Creative Urban Modern Agricultural Value Innovation Park

A great number of fruits and vegetables are grown at Southern Creative Urban Modern Agricultural Value Innovation Park. Families can not only try their hands at lychee picking, but also take part in other family-friendly activities.

Transport: Take Metro Line 6 to Gaotangshi Station, transfer to Bus 346 and get off at Muyuancun and walk 10 minutes to the destination.

Tel for sign-up: 15360410158

Xianjiang Park

Xianjiang Park is home to the most ancient lychee trees in Xianjiang village, and its plantation history can be dated back to early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Visitors can admire the century-old lychee trees in the park and buy some from villagers.

Transport: Take Huangpu Tram Line 1 to Xianjiang Park Station and walk 10 minutes to the destination.

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