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Huangpu companies make big contribution to Guangzhou COVID testing

Updated : 2021-06-04

Four inflatable COVID-19 testing laboratories have become fully operational in Guangzhou since June 3, in order to increase the city's capacity to screen those suspected of being infected.

The laboratories were launched at Guangzhou Gymnasium by the National Clinical Research Center for Respiratory Disease, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, the Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Health, the Guangzhou Lab and Guangzhou KingMed Diagnostics Group (Guangzhou KingMed). Together, they have a testing capacity of 120,000 samples a day.

The laboratories include areas for reagent preparation, sample processing and amplification analysis. Each one of them can receive samples around the clock and issue results within 24 hours. They also function smarter than before, with more autonomous equipment put into use, saving manpower by 17 percent.

Guangzhou KingMed is a high-tech service company in Guangzhou Development District, with third-party medical testing and pathological diagnosis services as its core business. After years of development, it has established 38 central laboratories on the Chinese mainland and in Hong Kong.

Guangzhou KingMed said it is now capable of doing 260,000 nucleic acid tests a day in Guangzhou. By May 31, it had finished 1.19 million sample tests.

Located on Guangzhou International Bio Island in GDD, the Guangzhou Lab centers on the prevention and control of respiratory infectious diseases and public health emergencies. Zhong Nanshan, an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a leading expert in China's respiratory disease research, serves as a director of Guangzhou Lab. 

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