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What should I do if my health code turns yellow?

Source: GZFAO | Updated : 2021-06-04

As of now, residents in Guangzhou and Foshan are required to show health codes when taking public transport or entering public venues.

On June 2, some residents of Guangzhou found that their health codes had turned yellow. They cannot take public transportation and are restricted from visiting public places.


Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and other places in Guangdong have recently reported a number of locally transmitted confirmed COVID-19 cases. To reduce the risk of virus transmission, people in key regions in epidemic prevention and control who have not completed nucleic acid testing, will find their health codes turning yellow.

Yellow code indicates that the resident has stayed in or near key places where confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections have once stayed, or might has contacted with these confirmed or asymtomatic cases.

Once a code turns yellow, the resident should go to a nucleic acid testing station to take tests.

The resident should take two nucleic acid tests after getting a yellow cade and the interval between the two tests should exceed 72 hours. If the results are all negative, the resident's health code will return to green.

Residents with a yellow health code should aviod gathering. They are not allowed to enter hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, stations, airports, cinemas, KTVs, bars and other public places, as well as special places such as schools, nursing homes and welfare homes.

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