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Huangpu releases action plan for trillion-yuan-scale manufacturing

Updated : 2021-05-28

Guangzhou's Huangpu district released an action plan to foster a trillion-yuan-scale manufacturing industry at a press conference on May 27.

By 2025, the district will be home to more than 1,500 industrial enterprises above designated size, more than 80 of which will be listed enterprises. One enterprise with a scale of more than 100 billion yuan ($15.72 billion), two enterprises of more than 50 billion yuan and 10 enterprises of more than 10 billion yuan will have been added.


Press conference.

The vision will be supported by eight pillar industries. Three 200-billion-yuan industries are new-generation displays led by Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronic Technology, smart automobiles led by GAC Honda, and new materials led by Cannano. Meanwhile, there will be five 100-billion-yuan industries related to integrated circuits, green energy, biosafety, high-end equipment and cosmetics.

To achieve key technological breakthroughs, Huangpu will build an innovation infrastructure cluster and three national innovation centers. Twenty-five more "champions of the national manufacturing industry" in specific areas of expertise and "Small Giant" enterprises will be fostered. 

In addition, Huangpu will push forward more than 1,000 digitalized transformation projects and build more than 100 smart factories and digitalized workshops. The proportion of Huangpu's GDP stemming from the digital economy will be increased to 25 percent.

To boost aggregated development, the district will build five industrial parks for IC, intelligent manufacturing, biomedicine, biosafety and new materials, as well as a characteristic industrial park of 10 million square meters. Thirty-six village industrial parks will be upgraded.

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