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Exhibition hall opens to showcase Shuangsha outlook

Updated : 2021-04-07

A recently opened exhibition hall is showcasing Shuangsha village's upcoming new and renovated look.

Located in Guangzhou's Huangpu district, Shuangsha is bordered by the Pearl River in the south, Wenchong residential community in the west and Miaotou residential community in the east, and has access to Guangzhou-Shenzhen Railway in the north. It is a gateway for the Huangpu Port area.

The renovation involves a gross floor area of 2.5 million square meters, of which 1.65 million sq m are for residences, 650,000 sq m for business, 190,000 sq m for public services, and 10,000 sq m for cultural relics. The population of the area is estimated at 50,000 people.

The village will be transformed into an international innovation city along the Maritime Silk Road that integrates headquarters offices, R&D and incubation, business services, recreational entertainment, high-end residences and SOHO apartments.

It will become a headquarters aggregation area and R&D and incubation base for scientific innovation industries, and will feature modern shipping informatization and intellectualization as its orientation and new-generation information technology as its core.


Rendering of Shuangsha village after urban renovation.

A vertical urban functional system will take form centered on stations of Metro Line 13 and Metro Line 5's extension line with integrated development of residences, businesses, and underground space.

Moreover, a Maritime Silk Road, Lingnan and folk cultural exhibition zone will be created based on cultural relics and traditional architecture in Shanggang, while a cultural creative experience zone will be created based on cultural relics and traditional architecture in Shapu.

Adhering to the Sponge City concept, the area will boast vertical greening of buildings and rooftop landscaping.

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