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Nanfang Plus: GDD advances intelligent manufacturing cooperation with HK

Updated : 2021-02-20

The implementation plan for the construction of Guangzhou-Hong Kong Intelligent Manufacturing Cooperation Zone was released by Guangdong province on Feb 19.

Covering 56.39 square meters, the cooperation zone consists of an intelligent manufacturing cooperation park, a scientific and technological innovation cooperation park, and high-quality residential communities.

The 19.1-sq-km intelligent manufacturing cooperation park centers on the western Guangdong Development District, which is devoted to pushing forward the intelligence level of the local manufacturing sector, as well as to its in-depth integration with Hong Kong's producer service sector.

Specifically, the intelligent manufacturing cooperation park will improve the intelligent manufacturing of traditional pillar industries such as surfactant detergents, cosmetics and food and beverages; foster new pillar industries such as new-generation information technology and high-end equipment manufacturing; and boost the development of the modern shipping service sector like smart ports and logistics.

It is expected that the industrial development advantages of Guangzhou and Hong Kong will be fully synergized by 2022. The intelligent manufacturing sector of the cooperation zone will accelerate integrated development with Hong Kong's scientific research, industrial design, shipping logistics and financial services. A series of breakthroughs will be made on core intelligent manufacturing technologies, while several intelligent manufacturing demonstration projects and cross-border service platforms will be cultivated.

By 2035, the rules and systems of the cooperation zone will be in line with those of Hong Kong and the rest of the world. It will have a complete independent innovation system, improved scientific and technological achievement transformation capabilities, and the infrastructure and public services necessary for its intelligent manufacturing industry to reach a world-leading level.

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