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Shining Vankely

Updated : 2021-01-07

Vankely, situated to the northwest of the East Huangpu Road-Danshuikeng Road intersection, has opened to visitors, offering one-stop services including shopping, dining, leisure and fitness.

In addition to the Vanguard supermarket, the complex is home to a great number of well-known brands including KFC, McDonald's, Haidilao, Yang Guofu, Heytea Mini, Cha Bai Dao and Bliss Cake. Children's snacks and game machines can be found at the Tata & Bobo Store.


Shining Vankely.

Another highlight is Guangzhou's first indoor slide, which visitors can use to glide from the third floor to the first floor in seconds, and a huge capsule toy machine in the central atrium of the second floor.

Covering 27,000 square meters, the nearby Shining Park features a basketball court, a children's recreation area, a fountain and four sets of statues of Bobo and Tata, two original IPs of Shining Vankely. Families can also have picnics there at weekends.


Take bus 397/376 to South Danshuikeng Road stop

Take bus 214/B26/571/B31/210/B30/566A/569/372/571B/322/567/388/572/516/Night 49/397/Night 73/447 to Danshuikeng stop

Take Metro Line 13, get off at Nangang Metro Station, and walk 800 meters from Exit E

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