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Huangpu boasts high intensity of green space

Updated : 2020-11-12

The average per capita green space in Guangzhou's Huangpu district has reached 15.8 square meters through the continuous efforts of the local housing and urban-rural development bureau.

The bureau has adorned the intersections of more than 40 local artery roads, such as Kexue Avenue, Kaifa Avenue, East Huangpu Road, and Jiulong Avenue, with 28,300 sq m of seasonal flowers. Key sections and nodes of local artery and secondary roads have been decorated with 16,000 sq m of seasonal flowers. 

A total of 151,000 sq m of greening along artery roads, including Xiangshan, Kefeng, Lanyue, Yingri, Hulin, and Kexiang roads, have been upgraded, while 514 roadside trees have been replaced.

In addition, 11.2 kilometers of greenways have been added along 26 local roads, bringing the total length of greenways in the district to 620 km. Seventeen multifunctional smart greenway rest stations have also been built.


The flower-adorned overpass in Huangpu.

Huangpu has added about 1,400 sq m of stereoscopic green space, with rhododendron azaleas being planted on 52 overpasses.

In addition, the district has built eight pocket-sized parks, totaling 47,000 sq m, on idle or cornered land resources since 2019.

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