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Guangzhou Daily: 7 cultural projects settle in Huangpu

Updated : 2020-10-26

Six cultural talent studios and one cultural talent creative project settled in Guangzhou's Huangpu district on Oct 23.

All of the seven projects met the measures of the Methods of Huangpu District (Guangzhou Development District) to Boost the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries that came out in September 2018, and have received a supportive fund of 8.6 million yuan ($1.29 million). They cover multiple cultural, creative, and artistic sectors including music, art, Cantonese Opera, literature, intangible cultural heritages, and jewelry design.


The plaque conferring ceremony of the six cultural talent studios and one cultural talent creative project is held on Oct 23.

Li Haiying Studio will hold the world's top-level music masters forum and set up an international youth music education camp. Xu Qinsong Studio plans to hold thematic art exhibitions. Wu Feifan Studio is pushing forward the establishment of two Cantonese Opera exchange platforms in Huangpu.

Wei Jun Studio will organize high-level academic seminars themed on Belt and Road archaeology, as well as Huangpu history and culture, while hosting forums and lectures to promote the culture of the Maritime Silk Road.

The studios and project will bring a large number of precious cultural resources, such as professional talents, high-quality projects, and creative activities, to Huangpu, injecting new vitality and momentum into local cultural undertakings.

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