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Southern Metropolis Daily: Huangpu deploys smart vehicles for garbage sorting

Updated : 2020-10-16


China's first garbage classification and reduction vehicle is recently put into use on Huangpu's Xiagang Street.

China's first garbage classification and reduction vehicle was recently put into use on Xiagang Street in Guangzhou's Huangpu district.

The vehicle will disinfect and deodorize garbage before sorting them through optoelectronic and maglev technologies.

The dry garbage will be separated for incineration and landfills, while kitchen garbage will be used for fertilization. Iron, plastic bags, textile fabrics, and glass bottles will be sorted for recycled use.

Each vehicle can process 2 to 3 tons of garbage per hour, with an accuracy rate of 90 percent. In addition to classification, the volume of waste reduction can reach 40 percent.

The Youth Community in Huangpu is a municipal demonstration site for garbage sorting. It sends about 2 tons of garbage to the vehicles for processing daily, reducing the use of human labor by half.        

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