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Guangzhou Huangpu Marathon obtains Gold Label

Updated : 2020-10-14

The Guangzhou Huangpu Marathon has recently been recognized as a Gold Label Match by the China Athletics Association.

Since its inception three year ago, the marathon has significantly increased its appeals to sport enthusiasts. The number of participants was capped at 20,000 in 2019, yet a total of 72,896 people from 31 countries and regions signed up for the event.


The 2019 Guangzhou Huangpu Marathon attracts a great number of participants.

To offer premium services to runners, the Guangzhou Huangpu Marathon provided 5G public WiFi at the starting line, as well as adopted palm vein recognition technology last year for check-in and to distribute supplies. Runners could also get an exclusive 15-second video capturing them on the landscaped race roads through facial recognition technology.

In addition to its incorporation of high technology, last year's event had 150 referees, six technical guides assigned by the China Athletics Association, 800 policemen, and 3,400 volunteers. It was equipped with 80 automated external defibrillators, 24 ambulances, and two medical emergency support vehicles, while also having 24 medical stations and four designated hospitals in case of any accidents.

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