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Information Times: Huangpu celebrates Farmers' Harvest Festival

Updated : 2020-09-25

The 2020 Huangpu Farmers' Harvest Festival was launched at Lyuzhou Square of Guangzhou Science City on Sept 23.

An 800-square-meter oval paddy field was set up at the Happy Idyll Zone in the square, with the interior walkways shaped like the Chinese character "丰," meaning "harvest" in English.


People admire the paddy field at Lyuzhou Square.

In addition, a 400-sq-m transplant house at the Light of Science and Technology Zone offered a peak into the "black" technology of agricultural production. The small agricultural factory featured soilless cultivation devices and technologies that get rid of the dependence of traditional agriculture on land.

The hydroponic vegetables in the glass greenhouse boasts the advantages of low costs, fast growth, and minimal impact of extreme weather, which will be trending in the future, said Tan Wenbiao of the Environmental Horticulture Research Institute of the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

The Huangpu Rural Happiness Map was also released at the opening ceremony, which introduces the natural scenery, culture, greenways, characteristic agricultural products, culinary delicacies, and restaurants in the district's rural areas.

A wide range of celebration activities will be held across the district until Oct 8.

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