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Diecui Park

Updated : 2020-09-07

Diecui Park on Guangzhou International Bio Island features picturesque water and mountain scenery, which are supplemented by a fountain, a square, a sightseeing platform, a mountaintop platform, and Lingnan (Cantonese) architecture.

The lake waters in the park used to be polluted by the muddy water from nearby subway construction sites during the rainy season. A treatment project of the park and surrounding environment was completed late August, with about 3,000 square meters of lake water purified.

In addition, multiple species of aquatic plants, including vallisneria, hydrocotyle verticillata, myriophyllum aquaticum, and water lilies, were planted, while algae eating worms and worm eating fish were introduced at the bottom of the lake.

The artificial ecological system, known as a "submerged forest," uses the growth and metabolism of aquatic plants to absorb the nitrogen, phosphorus, and other nutrients, stabilize the soil, as well as improve the self-purification capacity of water. The introduction of algae eating worms and worm eating fish can help the lake form a complete food chain integrating "producers" and "consumers."


Diecui Park boasts lush vegetation.

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