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Science and Technology Daily: Guangzhou releases 2 securitized IP products

Updated : 2020-09-04

An additional two securitized intellectual property (IP) products in Guangzhou were approved by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for release on Aug 31, which will provide 434 million yuan ($63 million) in financing for 24 science and technology enterprises.

To date, Guangzhou has released three securitized IP products, accounting for one third of the nation's total. In this instance, the two products are related to the new-generation information technology and biomedicine.


Release ceremony.

There are many science and technology enterprises not able to liquidate their high-end technology in the traditional financing modes. Guangzhou Longse Technology Co Ltd is one such enterprise.

China's first securitized information technology IP product released by Science City (GZ) Financial Leasing Co Ltd provides 14 enterprises each with 6 million to 32 million yuan in financing for their 103 core patents. Guangzhou Longse Technology Co Ltd receives 30 million yuan through the project.

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