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Youma Mountain

Updated : 2020-05-07

Located in the southern area of Guangzhou's Huangpu district, Youma Mountain has a highest altitude of 433.6 meters. It is the highest mountain in Huangpu and the second highest in Guangzhou, second after Maofeng Mountain.

Enjoying abundant forest natural resources, Youma Mountain has devoted efforts in developing rural tourism, turning the area into an ideal place for ecological tourism and leisure.

A total of four major areas will be set up in Youma Mountain, each for sightseeing, health preservation and vacation, forest leisure, as well as ecological conservation. It will cover 28 characteristic tourist attractions in the area, as well as parking lots and tourist service centers.

Three routes, each for hiking, fire engine access, and emergency fire access, will be set up in the area, allowing pedestrians to be separated from vehicles.

The hiking route is about 3 kilometers in length and will establish six pavilions, four rest platforms, three toilet areas, as well as temporary parking lots alongside it to provide a comfortable hiking experience for visitors.


Six pavilions, four rest platforms, and three toilet areas, as well as temporary parking lots are set up alongside the hiking route to provide a comfortable experience for visitors.

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