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Huangpu takes lead in IP development in Guangzhou

Updated : 2020-01-10

Huangpu district was the leader in Guangzhou in terms of various indicators related to intellectual property (IP) development in 2019.

The district topped five of the indicators in Guangzhou, namely application and authorization of patent inventions by companies, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications, patent pledge financing, national IP demonstration companies, as well as China Patent Awards.

Huangpu has organized more than 60 trainings on IP, benefiting over 4,500 people from local companies to improve their awareness on IP and innovation. 

Local companies have applied for 6,558 patents during the first 11 months of 2019, accounting for 30 percent of Guangzhou's total number. A total of 2,051 company invention patents were authorized, accounting for 39 percent of the total amount in Guangzhou, while the number of PCT applications was 423, which was 36 percent of Guangzhou's total number.

Cooperation platforms among banks, intermediary agents, and companies have been set up in the district. From January to November in 2019, Huangpu has seen a patent pledge amount of 1.72 billion yuan ($247.93 million), supporting 87 technological companies, accounting for 45.5 percent of Guangzhou's total and 11 percent of Guangdong province's total.

More than 20 benchmarking companies have been planned to cultivate in the area every year to encourage local companies to improve their IP competitiveness. In 2019, Huangpu added four national IP demonstration companies and 53 national IP advantageous companies to its list, being close to the number of Shenzhen's.

Customized services have been available for local companies to help them apply for a China Patent Award. In 2019, Huangpu won 21 China Patent Awards, accounting for nearly half of that of the whole city, including Guangzhou's only gold medal.

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