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Huangpu sums up achievements by compiling electronic certificates

Updated : 2020-01-07

The first edition of the catalog for electronic certificates released by Guangzhou's Huangpu district was recently issued, offering a comprehensive summing-up of the district's achievements in releasing electronic certificates over the past two years.

The first pilot zone in Guangdong province to carry out business environment reform, Huangpu district has given full play to technologies such as big data, cloud computing and directory services, and launched the first district-level electronic certificate in Guangzhou in Jan 2019.

Currently the district has released 1.88 million electronic certificates of 61 kinds. They were issued from 13 departments including the weather bureau, the health bureau and the agriculture and rural affairs bureau. They have been entered into the provincial system to realize sharing among different regions and departments. 

With the further integration of internet and government services, electronic certificates have become important evidence for companies and people when handling affairs.

It is expected that government service affairs will be handled with higher efficiency through electronic certificates, which will be applied in more fields in the future to bring greater convenience to companies and people in Huangpu district.

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