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Yuzhu Tianwen fish

Updated : 2019-12-11

"Yuzhu" refers to a rock that has protruded from the Huangpu section of the Pearl River since the Qing dynasty. It’s surrounded by water, and appears as the water rises and disappears as the water falls. Because it is washed by the waves day and night, it has become round and clean, just like a pearl, so people call it "Yuzhu". There is a kind of fish called Tianwen in the Pearl River. It is said that the Tianwen mistook Yuzhu for their counterpart, and fell in love with it, so they swan around it day and night, trying to win its heart. As the Tianwen always swim around the Yuzhu, their meat becomes particularly delicate and delicious. A foreigner once came to Huangpu and greatly praised the taste of the Yuzhu Tianwen Fish, after which it became a famous dish in Huangpu.

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