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Sham Tseng roast goose

Updated : 2019-12-11


Roast goose is a traditional Cantonese cuisine. It originated in Sham Tseng village, Huangpu district, Guangzhou, and is well-known in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. The geese used for the dish are strictly selected, with the medium and small size Qingyuan black brown goose considered the best raw material as it is delicious, moderate in shape, small in bone, tender and juicy. All the selected geese are fat and tender with an age of about 90 days and a body weight of about 3,500 grams. During the early growth period, the geese are mainly fed with green vegetable leaves and radish seedlings. After they reach 2 kg, they are fed with chaff and aquatic plants. Only in this way can the geese be cooked to be "tender and juicy". The cooking method of the Sham Tseng Roast Goose is also very particular. "Sham Tseng" refers to a dry well dug out on a muddy ground, with litchi charcoal inside, and iron bars traversing the wellhead. The geese are hung on the iron bars with hooks and barbecued in the well. Because the well is surrounded by airtight soil, the geese are cooked in an even and stable temperature and the completed dish has a superior quality. 

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