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Zhongshan Park (Birds' Paradise)

Updated : 2019-12-10

Changzhou Birds' Paradise is located between Jinzhou Road and Xinchuanyong of Changzhou Island of Guangzhou, and was built in 2002. The total area of the park is about 115,000 square meters. The park has a river island of 15 kilometers in the east, known as "Zhongshan Park Birds' Paradise". Changzhou Birds' Paradise Zhongshan Park includes a lake, a bridge and some connected pavilions. In order to create an all-round resort, there is a small place for children's activities; on the east and northeast side of the lake there is a lotus pond, and the flowers in the park include spring orchids, summer lotuses, autumn chrysanthemums and winter prunus mume. When the lotuses are in full bloom in June and July, the gorgeous scenery attracts many tourists and photographers. The biggest feature of the park is the river island called Bailuzhou, which is the location of the Birds' Paradise. 

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