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Nanwan Waterside Village

Updated : 2019-12-10

Nanwan Village was built during the 29th year of the reign of the first emperor of the Ming dynasty. It has a history of more than 600 years, during which it has garnered a wealth of folk customs, waterside cultures and cultural landscapes. The main attractions are: 1. Nanwanyong, with a total length of four kilometers and two arch bridges connected with the Fusui Ancient Canal. 2. Changchunyan, a huge sea-eroded rock of about 20 mu in the northeast of Nanwan Village. On Changchunyan there are inscriptions by celebrities such as Mai Bingrong, Mai Xinjian, and 100-year-old soldier Mai Weichang. 3. Xitai Temple and Sanxian Temple, where the Ming Dynasty literati Bai Sha, Zhan Ruoshui and Li Yufeng once taught. 4. Qiufeng Garden, 100 meters long and located on a large dam at the edge of a fish pond and in front of Nanwan Village. 5. Xi'an Market, where there are stone docks and shops. 6. Dragon Temple. At Dragon Boat Festival every year, the Dragon Temple holds consecrated prayers for safety. 7. Ancient temples, including the Mai's Ancestral Hall. 8. Ancient streets and houses, the most famous of which is Nanyue Street.

Other successful activities include the Nanwan Waterside Village Folk Custom Tourism and Culture Festival, the Wenchang Tower completion and ribbon-cutting ceremony, Grab fireworks, the opening ceremony of the Jiwen Tower; and a dragon boat race which attracts visitors from all walks of life. 

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