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Tianlu Lake Forestry Park

Updated : 2019-12-10


Tianlu Lake Forest Park is located in the northeast of Guangzhou city. It features flourishing trees, beautiful scenery and rich and rare plant species.

Tianlu Lake Reservoir was built in 1958. The natural beauty of the lakes and mountains surrounding it attracts many tourists all the year round. It is the largest reservoir with the highest elevation in the outskirt of Guangzhou. It is even referred to as the “eastern lung” of Guangzhou city. It is an ideal place for leisure activities and spending summer holidays.

The forest area in the east of the First Ring Road is designed as a “forest mountain climbing and visiting area”. Based on the former Tianlu Lake Suburb Park, it will be extended to the highest peak Niutou Peak (352 meters) in the south and to the Shantang area to the north of Tianlu Lake. This area is mainly used for climbing and mountain viewing and hiking. Four theme areas, namely climbing to the top to appreciate a panorama, visiting Suburb Park, enjoying leisure time in gardens and protecting the environment, offer a diversity of experience.

Based on the resources of Tianlu Lake Forest Park, more parks and gardens will be built such as Tianlu Lake Medical Plants Park, Tianlu Lake Bamboo Garden, Tianlu Lake Endangered Plants Garden, Chaoshan People Village and Hakka People Village. All of these are worth visiting, especially for their human features and beautiful scenery.

Tianlu Lake Forest Park is suitable for leisure and spending summer holidays.

Location: By Guangshan road, east of Baiyun Mountain; 17 kilometers far from Shahe.

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