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The Red Cross Hospital of Huangpu

Updated : 2019-11-19

The Red Cross Hospital of Huangpu is a non-profit Grade 3 general hospital sponsored by the Huangpu district government, with a nearly 60-year history of public medical service and a sound system of public health service. It has been named by the regional Red Cross Society authorized by the Red Cross Society of China, as the designated hospital for industrial injury in Guangdong province, the designated hospital for medical insurance and workers' maternity insurance in Guangzhou, the baby-friendly hospital in Guangzhou, Guangzhou's “120” emergency center network hospital, and the municipally authorized medical institution with a Disabled Rating system.

The hospital is mainly responsible for: first, treating patients in the eastern part of Huangpu; second, serving as the community health service provider of Nangang street and Lilian street in eastern Huangpu district; third, performing mandatory government work like dispatching staff to detention houses and acting as a methadone clinic; fourth, managing the medical business and daily affairs of Longtoushan Hospital.

The hospital covers an area of nearly 10,000 sq m, with a construction area of 15,000 sq m, and has a service area of about 30 sq km to serve nearly 300,000 people. The 200-bed hospital has 22 first-level disciplines, 19 second-level disciplines, and two third-level disciplines. The inpatient area covers the five departments of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology, obstetrics, pediatrics and neonatal intensive care, and two key disciplines in the NICU and the ICU.

Hospital hotlines:

1. Administrative office, price consultation, service complaints: +86-20-8223-7596, +86-20-8224-8815-8206 (hospital office)

2. Outpatient appointments: +86-20-8223-1200, +86-20--8224-8815-8811 (patient assistance site)

3. Vaccination: +86-20-8206-1042, +86-20-8224-8815-8101 (department of preventive health care)

4. Business, birth certificate, disability rating, and medical insurance: +86-20-8223-7597 (medical department, medical insurance office)

5. Medical equipment business: +86-20-8202-0557 (pharmacy department, equipment division)

6. Emergency: 120, +86-20-8224-8815-8299 (emergency department, municipal 120 emergency network)

7. Breastfeeding: +86-20-8224-8815-8014 (department of gynecology and obstetrics)

8. General physical examination, driver's physical examination: +86-20-8224-8815-8268 (physical examination center)

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