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Huangpu District Maternal and Child Health Hospital

Updated : 2019-11-19


Huangpu Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, founded in September 1987, is the technical guidance center and the business training center of maternal and child health care, an All-China Women's Federation (ACWF) "three-excellence" education base, the designated medical institution of pre-marital health care and free pregnancy testing in Huangpu District , a member of the Women's and Children's Health Alliance Breast Specialist Association of Guangdong Province, the Cervical Disease Prevention and Control Center of the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, and the designated medical institution for children's physical examinations before kindergarten admission (day-care) and women's physical examinations.

The hospital is located at No 486, Zhongshan Dong road, covering an area of 3,620 sq m and a construction area of 3,300 sq m. Guided by the principle of “all for the health of women and children”, the hospital set up the Department of Maternal and Health Care, the Department of Children's and Women’s Health, and the technical guidance department for family planning. At present, its main services are: pre-marital health services, pre-pregnancy care, women's health care, family planning surgery, obstetrics and gynecology outpatient service, breast health care, menopausal health care, perinatal care, prenatal and postnatal care, early childhood comprehensive development, children's eye care, children's oral cavity health care, children's hearing health care, children's mental health care, neonatal disease screening and child's height promotion and health checks, as well as group health management, training of grassroots maternal and child health workers, women and children information management, health education, comprehensive family planning and other matters.

There are 83 employees in the hospital, including 63 professional health workers, four with senior professional titles, 13 with deputy senior titles, and 28 with intermediate titles.

Specialist departments feature prenatal genetic diseases, a prenatal screening network and a prenatal diagnostic service system for congenital heart disease in Huangpu district on the one hand, and a comprehensive early childhood development center, children's hearing screening center, disease screening center for retinopathy of premature infants, a breast disease prevention center, and a cervical disease screening center on the other. In 2010 the hospital became the first municipal-level and district-level maternal and child health hospital to create a disease screening center for retinopathy of premature infants. The screening rate of retinopathy of premature infants grew from 2 percent in 2009 to 76.59 percent in August 2018.

Address: No 486, Zhongshan Dadao East, Huangpu district, Guangzhou (the junction of Lixiang road and Zhongshan Dadao)


Department of Child Health: +86-20-8210-1361

Women's Health Department: +86-20-8210-1362, +86-20-8210-1337 (free checkup for premarital and pregnant women)

Department of Maternal and Health Care: +86-20-8210-1362

Medical Outpatient: +86-20-8210-1329, +86-20-8210-1809

Department of Health (natal certificate appointment consultation and reissue): +86-20-8210-1395

Office: +86-20-8210-1500

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