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Huangpu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Guangzhou

Updated : 2019-11-19


Huangpu Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Guangzhou is an upper second-class hospital in Huangpu district, with a total area of 8,870 sq m and a covered area of 13,810 sq m. In the hospital, 300 beds are prepared of which 264 are available for the public. The hospital has 382 health medical workers, including 66 with senior professional titles and 96 with intermediate titles. The hospital is equipped with a double-row spiral CT, a high-definition gastrointestinal endoscope, a digital X-ray camera system (DR), a bone density meter, a cerebrovascular tester, a digital gastrointestinal machine, a C-arm X-ray machine, a minimally-invasive needle-knife scope, advanced color ultrasound instruments, and laparoscopy equipment.

There are more than 10 specialist clinics in the outpatient area and eight wards in the inpatient area. They feature traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation, maternity, and bone injury techniques, and integrate medical, scientific research, teaching, rehabilitation, prevention, and health care. The Department of Rehabilitation Medicine is the key specialist clinic of TCM both in Guangzhou city and Guangdong Province; the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is a famous Chinese medicine department in Guangzhou and the key specialist clinic of Guangzhou’s TCM; the emergency department is a first-response area of Guangzhou TCM Medical Institution.

The hospital has a number of different levels of famous doctors, professors and experts from the national TCM instructors' team consisting of famous TCM practitioners in both Guangdong province and Guangzhou city. It has an in-house preparation production capacity, and currently has 10 kinds of TCM compounds. On top of that, it has led many scientific research projects at the national, provincial and municipal level in both independent and cooperative modes.

Address: No 3, Xieshan road

Contact number: +86-20-8228-8935

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