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Fragrant plum blossoms in Luogang (provincial-level intangible cultural heritage)

Updated : 2019-09-10

The legend of Luogang Xiangxue prevails in the Luogang area and spread in Guangzhou as the fragrant plum blossom became more popular.

Thanks to Luogang’s unique geographical location, its plum trees usually bloom twice. The fragrant blossoms dance in the air like snowflakes, hence the name Xiangxue (fragrant snowflakes).


Plums have been a cash crop in Luogang since ancient times. Their blossoms create a spectacular natural and cultural landscape, attracting many dignitaries and cultural celebrities.

The legend of Luogang Xiangxue reflects not only the humanistic spirit of the Luogang people but also the patriarchal consciousness of the Zhong family, descendants of Zhong Yuyan (1155~1225), an important figure in early Luogang. To some extent it also reflects the economic and social development of the Luogang area. It is of great literary, historical and social value.

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