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Zhou Yawei investigates West District

Source: chinadaily.com.cn | Updated : 2019-03-27

Zhou Yawei, Party chief of the Huangpu district, visited Xiagang subdistrict to investigate the upgrading and renovation of West district on March 26. Li Xuezhi and Hongqian also participated.

Zhou first inspected the operation of enterprises such as Suigang Port Terminal and Jinbo Logistics, listening to the introduction of the companies and the work report of the department to better understand West district's transformation needs.

Subsequently, a seminar on upgrading and renovation of West district was held in the Xiagang Subdistrict Office. It focused on issues such as the Suigang Cooperative Zone, expired land reclamation and revitalization of State-owned property.

Zhou affirmed the contribution made by the district to the economic development of Huangpu,saying that it was the birthplace of the Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development District and it is urgent to promote the upgrading and transformation of the district on that basis.

Zhou stressed that it is necessary first to grasp the key points, and then to deploy the upgrading and transformation of West district; the second requirement is to face the new situation and tasks under the district's current environment; the third is to encourage all departments go all out to ensure that the upgrading and transformation work of West District is carried out in a solid, efficient and orderly manner.

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