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Huangpu CPPCC session closes

Source: chinadaily.com.cn | Updated : 2019-03-22

The fifth meeting of the first session of the CPPCC Huangpu District Committee closed on March 21.

The last meeting was chaired by Deng Shaomin, chairman of the CPPCC Huangpu District

Committee, and attended by the district's Party chief Zhou Yawei.

During the conference, Liang Zhenghua and Zheng Zhuowen were elected vice-chairmen of the first CPPCC Huangpu District Committee, and Xu Jiasen and Lu Liuhong were elected as standing members.

A total of 129 proposals were received, of which 29 were related to economic construction, 42 to urban construction and environmental protection, 37 to education, science, culture, health and sports, and 21 to political law and other matters.

The District CPPCC Proposal Committee will now review the collected proposals and notify the submitters of results.

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