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Guangzhou's first 5G smart bus station project launched

Updated : 2019-03-18

A strategic cooperation agreement on promoting the construction of smart buses and bus stations covered by 5G signals was signed on March 16, marking the first application of 5G technology on public transportation in South China’s Guangzhou province.


The project will be jointly advanced by Jumbo Bus Group and China Telecom Group’s Guangzhou branch. As planned, the operating vehicles of Jumbo Bus Group will complete 5G upgrading by the end of this year.

This cooperation will further drive the reform of the public transport industry, and also accumulate more valuable experience for the industrialization and application of 5G technology in the future.

Jumbo Bus Group is a national enterprise specializing in the investment, operation and management of buses.

It altogether manages about 300 lines, 6200 sets of buses in four provincial capital cities, Guangzhou, Nanning, Hangzhou and Urumqi, with a business scale ranking among the top foreign-invested city bus companies.

China Telecom Group’s Guangzhou branch is the leading comprehensive information service provider in South China. It has a high-quality communication network with high bandwidth, full coverage, security and reliability, advanced technology and complete services.

Having signing the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will upgrade and reconstruct the bus stations of Jumbo Group in the above-mentioned four cities with 5G technology, with Guangzhou to begin the pilot project.

This will also be the first 5G transportation trial in Guangzhou.

The bus stations operated by Jumbo Guangzhou Company are expected to complete installation of the 5G signal coverage before September 30, 2019.

The two companies will work together to give full play to China Telecom’s advantages in 5G technology, optical fiber network, cloud network integration, business and service, and to assist Jumbo Bus in information upgrading and enhancing passenger satisfaction. 

In addition, the two sides will establish a smart travel business operation process under which people, vehicles, roads, stations and parking lots can comprehensively cooperate, explore the travel service business, and create China’s first new pattern of cross-region smart bus enterprises using 5G technology.  

Currently, Jumbo Bus Group has invested a total of 2.5 billion yuan to build an industrial park for new energy buses in Huangpu District and Guangzhou Development Zone, covering an area of nearly 250,000 square meters.  

In the first phase, a new energy bus parking complex with a total investment of 600 million yuan and 80,000 square meters will be completed and put into use in November, which will accommodate charging, parking and maintenance for about 800 buses.

The cooperation project with China Telecom is an important part of Jumbo Bus Group’s new energy bus industrial park project.

China Telecom Group’s Guangzhou branch will help build an intelligent command and dispatch system for Jumbo Bus, forming a unified bus operating network, a push for Guangzhou to become the first demonstration city in China for commercial bus operation.

With the development of 5G technology, bus on-board video technology, fatigued-driving monitoring and GPS positioning systems will also be further developed and matured.

Using 5G technology, the intelligent command and dispatch system collects real-time data and information of buses and make precise and efficient calculation, thus obtaining real-time field information and assisting staff members in bus dispatching, operation resources allocation and safety guarantees.

The system will realize intelligent charging, maintenance and parking as well as real-time bus monitoring.


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