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Huangpu seeks better governance with innovation

Updated : 2019-03-13

Guangzhou’s Huangpu district took the lead by releasing a guideline to improve its urban governance at the grass-root level last month.

The guideline was drafted after a group of government officials of the city and the district paid a visit to Beijing to study its reformative measures on governance last December.

Thanks to the district’s advantageous resources in the next generation of information technology, such as block chains, artificial intelligence and 5G, Huangpu strengthened the Party’s leadership on grass-root governance and improved its services to residents.

It centers on keeping close ties with the people by innovating Party building with the help of block chain technology and enhancing it in industrial chains and service chains.

Huangpu has set up a comprehensive command platform that realizes data fusion among different departments in the district. All the information sources, including the authorities of public security, health and transportation, as well as hotlines of governmental services, are shared on the platform.

Governmental departments are encouraged to upload their data and form a data foundation that is safe, reliable, and traceable.  

Based on the grid management platform, the district can smooth the management process, formulate a closed-loop, real-time and scientific management system, promote "networking, digitalization and transparency" in management, realize a data-oriented work mechanism and refine comprehensive law enforcement.

The data-driven smart commander system enables public resources to be automatically allocated and can help optimize intelligent performance appraisals and efficient governance.

The district has been promoting “Internet plus Services” in the governance of communities. The information of property services, public services, self-governance services, and police affairs can be sent from the smart community platform to the residents’ mobile phones.

The mobile social governance network can offer convenience to community residents in any weather.

In addition to new technologies, the front-line force is another key factor for the reconstruction and reform of the grass-root governance system and mechanism.

The district has been further promoting the leadership and organizational capacity of the Party committees of towns and sub-districts, strengthening their coordination in urban governance.

On the one hand, the Party committees can dispatch, assess, appoint and dismiss the officers in departments directly under Huangpu district; on the other hand, cadres in villages and rural economic unions can access a two-way channel to hold concurrent posts in the villages and economic unions.

This approach can enable the sub-districts and towns to fully play their fundamental role and form a joint force in social governance at the grass-root level.

The guideline also unveiled two lists, namely, a list of sub-districts and towns’ duties, and a list of issues that should be responded to immediately.

A law enforcement force consisting of chengguan, or urban patrol officers, public officers, traffic patrols, fire fighters, legal staff and workers in market supervision, environmental protection and other departments was launched to ensure that the "response" mechanism is timely and efficient. 

The district’s discipline inspection and supervision department will investigate any department’s members’ nonfeasance, inaction, abuse of power and falsification in performing their duties.

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